Every living being has its own purpose; and reasons to go along with the story called life. Even though some are not aware of it, each of them acts as part of the cogwheels of a fine plan. The cycle of existence is created by a supreme being known as the Divine Will.  Before everything came into what it is now, the Divine Will created the first set of intellectual living beings that will serve as guidance to all of what will come under them. These beings were known as the Arbiters, second to the highest tier of a system they call as the Lifestate Hierarchy. As the Arbiters came into existence, the Divine Will proceeded with its next action and created a galaxy named as Messier. This is designed to sustain life through harmonious order and maintaining each individual’s own free will. Within the center of the galaxy is a Graviton, or a celestial body that became the home of the Divine Will and the Arbiters. Grand Arbiters were assigned by the Divine Will to govern the actions of their companions and to assist the Supreme Being with its next phases of the plan. 

Star Systems were created around the Graviton to support even more living creatures to dwell inside Messier. The creation of Star Systems was followed by the third lifestate known as the Yrthers.These intellectual beings reside also within the Graviton. Along with the Arbiters, the Yrthers travel to Star Systems using their machinations, known as stargates, situated near the center of each system or more commonly known as a sun. Through the Yrthers, the Divine Will distributed World Seeds to create planets within each Star System to support the last set of intellectual beings that will serve as the “blood” of the entire cycle of existence.  Some of the seeds created barren planets, while few of them created planets and produced World Trees within it. A World Tree eventually blooms and creates different creatures, inhabiting the entire planet; the trees are also responsible for distributing Mana throughout a planet. As habitable planet steps into the last phase of its maturity, the final lifestate was born, and became known as the Human race. 

As the last phase comes to fruition, the Divine Will ordered the Arbiters and Yrthers to guide the Humans to ascend themselves into becoming a better lifestate than what they are now. Humans who have proven themselves shall receive the Rites of Evolution. These successful Humans shall be known as the Aethers, lifestates that will go alongside the Yrthers. After passing down its last order, the Divine Will rested and watched over its beloved creation as it goes along the cycle of life.

Notable Terms, Characters, and Places

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    • Arbiters - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
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    • Yrthers - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
    • Aethers - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
    • Humans - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
  • Celestial Bodes
    • Messier - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
      • Graviton - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
    • Star Systems - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
      • Sun - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
    • World Seeds - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
    • World Trees - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
  • Rites of Evolution - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq
  • Mana - Lasdbakjdsasqjkebqeq