Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie is the collective name made up of different sets of series that revolved mainly around the story of the world named as "Quantuaria". DQK has been started since the year 2009, and has gone through numerous revisions and retakes. Originally, the series was only planned to have one plot, mainly "Mysteria". However, throughout the years, the series evolved to a complete tale starting from the genesis stage up until the final verdict.

Being able to cover a bigger ground for the story to work around, Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie was split into 9 plots indicating different phases of the world in one single timeline / chronological order. The series was divided into 4 major parts: Genesia, Mysteria, Quoneia, and Superbia.


Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie's stories are also presented as a series of mini-games, showing "Sub-Stories" or commonly portrayed as a character's past / history. The games are mostly focused on storytelling rather than being a game itself. Currently, there are 14 planned Character Episodes, and hopefully, more of it will be added as well.

The following is a list of Character Episodes:

Code : Vesta Code : Mars Code : Jupiter Code : Ceres
Code : Diana Code : Apollo Code : Venus Code : Vulcan
Code : Neptune Code : Mercury Code : Minerva Code : Juno
Code : Quirinus Code : Bellona

The World of Quantuaria

The Persisting Difficulty

-Logo- Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie

Logo of Diu Quantuaria Kruvalie

The world of Quantuaria has been presented with its own complex systems and complications, leaving its inhabitants the struggle to find the perfect tempo on how to manage their home for the future of humanity. Different people from around the world has been developing techniques on how they can improve the planet's conditions, but none has been proven to last for a lifetime. With great desires to make the world a better place, humanity has been thrown into a cycle of peace and chaos.

Guidance of the Revered Yrthers

Supreme beings coming from the "Land of the Divine", the Yrthers have been continuing to guide humanity. The Yrthers have been around ever since Quantuaria has been created, and will continue to work hand-in-hand all for the sake of every human's livability. However, even these all powerful beings have their own conflicts that need to be resolved as well.

Mana, Guardians, and Artifacts

Mana is the main source of energy being used throughout the world. According to the Sacred Scriptures, there was once a "Tree of Life", known as the Yggdrasil, which Mana flows from and was believed to be the origin of all life in Quantuaria. However, a great war broke and the Tree suddenly disappeared from the sights of humanity. Because of the current condition of the world, Humans became incompatible with Mana as time goes by. At one point of the history, Humans and Yrthers worked side by side to create solutions that will last for a very long time. The Guardians, representative of the Human race, created Artefacts using their knowledge and the Supreme Beings' powers in order to convert Mana to a lowered version that they call as Synthes. With the filtered energy source, Humans have once again gained the ability to utilize Mana and create Magic.

Factions, Magic, and the Defenders

After being separated by an impenetrable wall of magic, the world was divided into two factions: The Iludian Faction and The Dimelian Faction. The Iludians have the ability to use Magic Chants, or Artes that create Magic with the utilization of Synthes and spoken words.While the Dimelians have the ability to use Magic Sigils, or Artes that create Magic with the utilization of Syntes and illustrated symbols. The two factions focus on using Magic to build their society on greater lengths, and eventually made an order that will control its usage on a proper level. Defenders are then appointed as those who are permitted to use Magic for the benefit of the race. These group of people study and improve their abilities since they were young until they grow up, enough to think for themselves.

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Characters and their Combat Styles

Diu Quanuaria Kruvalie - Main Characters
Defender Beau Dellons Riss Seth
Mercenary Caleb Allegro Charlie Dahlia Tear
Striker Lucille Dantalion Vayne Hirameku Mako
Ranger Archandis Scarlet Rhollines Lilac Rasen
Marksman Jazz Jayson Carina Sebastianne Xylore
Magus Minami Cero Kestrel Emico Margaux
Mender Azzuly Lealia Nataliya Rika